Disclaimers & Ethical Code

Hey there!

Hopefully you’ve already read our About Us page and already know a bit about us and our blogs. This page focuses on how we make money, what the disclaimers at the end of some posts mean, how we travel, how we choose who to work with… that sort of thing. Or maybe you’re just bored.

Well, whatever the reason, we thought we’d lay out a short code of ethics for the site that’ll let you see, transparently, what it is that we’re up to, how we make our money, and what our goals are for the two sites that we run (we also run Finding the Universe).

First, some basics. We’re travel writers and photographers, and you, dear reader, are our audience. Hello!

Goals of Our Travel Blogs

We want to:

  • Share our travel stories, travel tips, and photos
  • Inspire YOU to travel and visit the places we go
  • Provide you with information to help you plan your trips
  • Generate an income that lets up keep doing the above three things

The last point is the one we’ll focus on in regards to our ethical code.

How We Generate an Income

Travel blogging is not the most lucrative career let us tell you, and we make an income through a variety of means to be able to support ourselves:

  • Working directly for companies and producing content for them (photos, social media content, articles, photos, videos)
  • Selling photography services to companies, including event photography, teaching photography, and directly selling photos of destinations or products
  • Generating affiliate sales. Sometimes we will recommend products to you that you can perhaps buy on Amazon, or recommend a booking site for hotels or car rentals. We only recommend products that we actually use ourselves that we believe in.
  • Marketing directly to our audience – sometimes a company want to share its story via our social media channels, ad banner, through a giveaway or a product review or similar. We will, again, only work with brands that we are excited about and genuinely believe in. 
  • Taking sponsored trips. We are often invited on trips to experience destinations, these are also referred to as “press” or “fam” trips. Usually these include our accommodation, transport and food, and they may also include a daily rate to cover our time and effort. Experiencing a destination, taking photos, and creating content is quite time consuming, and it is nice to be rewarded for our efforts – although our primary goal is to create great content, and we only go on trips that excite us. 

Our Code of Ethics:

We will:

  • Never recommend a product or service that we don’t believe in ourselves.
  • We will share all relevant links, affiliate or not.
  • Only go on trips, paid or otherwise, that we genuinely want to go on and write about. If we’re offered a trip and it’s not something we would have done normally, we won’t do it.
  • Only work with brands that we believe in that are relevant to you
  • Never allow content to be dictated – we control everything that appears in the content we create, and we will only share our honest opinions. Our loyalty lies to you, our readers, not to any brand or destination that we work with. If we have a bad time or bad experience with a product, we’ll tell you about it! We aim to provide honest, objective, and balanced reviews.
  • Strive to ensure that at least 50% of the content we share is unsponsored
  • Always disclose clearly at the bottom of posts if the post was created as part of a marketing campaign and disclose clearly anything we received from a sponsor (flights, food, compensation) and the name of that sponsor.
  • Adhere to the Professional Travel Blogging Association code of ethics

Affiliate Disclaimer

As noted, this website contains affiliate links to products and services that generate a small income to us if you choose to use them, at no cost to you. We only recommend products and services that we use ourselves, and will always link to relevant information, regardless of whether or not there is an affiliate program. Most links on this website are NOT affiliate links and we do not generate articles for the purpose of simply selling affiliate products. However, purchasing products from these links is a great way to directly support us without costing you any money.

Example of How An Affiliate Link Works: In a post, we might recommend a guide book and link to it on Amazon.com. This link might be an affiliate link which means that if you click on the link and decide to purchase that book, Amazon tracks that the link click came from our website and we get a small percentage of the sale. It does not cost anything extra for you or affect your account in any way.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Privacy Policy

We want to protect your privacy.  We will not share your email address or any other personally information you provide us unless specifically agreed upon. For instance, if you enter a contest or giveaway on our blog or social media platforms, please read the terms and conditions carefully as their may be shared with a partner (this generally only applies to the winner whose info is shared in order for the winner to receive the prize). If you sign up for our email list or to receive our posts by email, we do not share this list with anyone. We do use cookies on this website (as nearly all websites do) and you can read our full Privacy Policy here.

And that’s it, please feel free to email us if you have any questions. Thanks for reading!