Travel Photography: Do I Need A Travel Tripod?

A travel tripod is an easy way to improve your travel photography. Almost everyone travels with a camera of some sort to capture vacation memories while they travel, whether it be a smartphone, a compact camera, or a professional DSLR camera. If you are wanting to capture better travel photos, you may want to consider buying a travel tripod. Adding a travel tripod to your photography gear arsenal can help you take better vacation photos without a lot of effort. Today Laurence, an award-winning professional travel photographer, is going to cover the basics of what a tripod does, how it can improve your photography, and what situations are best suited for a tripod. He’ll also provide recommendations of a range of travel tripods to suit any budget, discuss situations when you should and should not travel with a tripod, and provide practical tips on traveling with a tripod. What Does … Continue reading Travel Photography: Do I Need A Travel Tripod?