Climb for Sight: Support Our Charity Climb of Mount Kilimanjaro

Help us raise money for the treatment of children in need of sight-saving eye surgery and new eyeglasses in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania. As part of the Climb for Sight charity climb, we’ll be summiting the 19, 340 ft. Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!

What is Vision for the Poor “Climb for Sight”? 

Imagine being born blind. Worse yet, imagine suffering a blinding condition that could be treated. But because you were poor and lived in a remote region of the world you lived all the days of your life in darkness.

Vision for the Poor has developed an accelerated and highly effective “elimination of avoidable childhood blindness” program at their three eye clinics in Guatemala. This project is a model for duplication at new clinic sites in Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania. In Guatemala alone the World Health Organization estimates that 5,000 children will need funding for sight-saving surgeries such as congenital cataracts, corneal transplants, eye trauma, congenital glaucoma, and strabismus (crossed eyes), and nearly 86,000 will need glasses.

Climb for Sight Independent Travel Cats charity climb

Goals of Climb for Sight:

To empower native ophthalmologists and optometrists at five eye clinics in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Tanzania to eliminate childhood blindness within five years by providing funding for sight-restoring surgeries and new eyeglasses.

How it works: Climb for Sight is a bi-annual fundraising effort where teams of 12 raise money to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with funds benefiting the Vision for the Poor clinics.

Service Record: Since 1997: 430,000 patients treated, 27,000 sight-restoring surgeries performed (3,250 pediatric) and 65,000 new eyeglasses dispensed.

Why Sponsor Us for Climb for Sight?

Ethan and I have been wanting to get more involved in charity work since we started this blog. We were approached by Climb for Sight and loved their objectives and their service records. In our day jobs, Ethan and I both work at hospitals (Ethan in a children’s hospital) so this is close to both of our hearts. Our goal is to prevent the tragedy of children suffering needlessly and growing up blind simply because their families cannot afford a basic eye surgery. In July, we sincerely hope to join 12 concerned people from across the United States – as part of Vision for the Poor “Climb for Sight” – to ascend the awe-inspiring, 19,340-ft. Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise funds for the treatment of children in need of sight-saving eye surgery and new eyeglasses in Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua and Tanzania.

You can help give sight to these children by sponsoring us (Ethan & Jessica) as two members of the Climb for Sight team. Ethan and I have decided to pay for the climb and all our travel costs out of pocket so 100% of the donations you send go directly to Vision for the Poor to fund eye surgeries, eyeglasses, and new medical equipment. Just $194 will fund one child’s surgery and 10% of donations will be used to pay for new eyeglasses for indigent children. Please help by donating at a level you are comfortable with (some suggested levels of giving are listed below). Regardless of your level of giving, you will be participating in an event that offers hope and opportunity to hurting children like Juanita who was helped by Vision for the Poor (see photos below).

Climb for Sight Independent Travel Cats charity climb

Juanita, age 5, suffered from glaucoma in her right eye since birth. When she was born there was no eye clinic nearby. She has lived in constant pain until recently when the mother learned of the new Vision for the Poor Eye Clinic. Clinic surgeons removed the eye and a prosthesis was inserted. Juanita is now pain-free and has hope for living a normal life free of ridicule from other children. Tragedies like this can be avoided with a 20-minute surgery soon after birth. Six health promoters are working daily in the rural areas of Guatemala identifying children in need of treatment. Conditions such as congenital cataracts and glaucoma, corneal transplants, crossed eyes and need for glasses are all treated at Vision for the Poor eye clinics with funds provided by the Climb for Sight campaign.

How You Can Donate?

You can help us by donating any of the following:

-Money – any amount (even $5.00) helps gets us closer to our goal of raising $20,000 in donations for Vision for the Poor

-If you want to help support out climb, you can also donate climbing & travel gear or travel services in Tanzania (lodging, guides, tours, food)

Climb for Sight Independent Travel Cats charity climb

Three Ways to Donate Money to Sponsor Us as Climbers:

  • Visit official Climb for Sight website and donate online, just make sure to note “Ethan & Jessica” as the climbers:

  • Purchase an indeegear INSPIRE travel sleeve -OR- INSPIRE sleeve + luggage belt package  and part of the proceeds will be donated directly to Vision for the Poor. Click the link below for details:

indeegear Banner for Independent Travel Cats


  • Send a check made out to “Vision for the Poor” to us (just e-mail us at [email protected] for mailing address)

If you would like to make a donation in another manner, just contact us!

Benefits of Donating to Climb for Sight

-Support a great cause!!! 100% of your money goes to Vision for the Poor to fund eye surgeries, eyeglasses, and new medical equipment. Ethan and I are not using any of the money to fund our climb or travel costs.

-Support two travel bloggers who want to give back to those who are less fortunate. We plan to not only go to Tanzania and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro but we also hope to visit the eye clinic in Tanzania, and report our experiences back on the blog.

-All donations are tax deductible as Vision for the Poor is a non-profit 501(c)(3)

-All donors will be listed on our blog with a link to your website, blog, or company (if wanted)

-Use of any donated travel services or travel gear will be widely promoted, photographed, and written about on our blog and shared across social media


Any questions? Just ask us!


Climb for Sight Independent Travel Cats charity climb

Every minute another child in the world goes blind. Together we can prevent this needless suffering.