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Travel Photography: Do I Need A Travel Tripod?

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A travel tripod is an easy way to improve your travel photography. Almost everyone travels with a camera of some sort to capture vacation memories while they travel, whether it be a cell phone, a compact camera, or professional DSLR camera. If you are wanting to capture better travel photos, you may want to consider buying a travel tripod. Adding a travel tripod to your photography gear arsenal can help you take better vacation photos without a lot of effort. Today Laurence, an award-winning professional travel photographer, is going to cover the basics of what a tripod does, how it can improve your photography, and what situations are best suited for a tripod. He’ll also provide recommendations of a range of travel tripods to suit any budget, discuss situations when you should and should not travel with a tripod, and provide practical tips on traveling with a tripod. What Does Read the Rest…

All your Essential Travel Photography Questions Answered by Photographer Laurence Norah

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Laurence is a professional award-winning travel photographer (and my husband!) and today he is going to answer some of those essential travel photography questions that we are often asked. If you have ever looked at other people’s photographs of a travel spot you’ve been to and wondered why their photographs were so much better that yours, this post will give you some helpful tips as well as point you to further resources if you are interested in taking your photography to the next level. This Q & A post is designed to share some of the basics on travel photography, including things like how a camera works, advice on camera gear, how to protect your gear while traveling, the essential basics of composition you should know, tips for mobile photography, best photography editing software, and even tips on how to take a better selfie! Laurence has been traveling as a Read the Rest…

Fashionable Camera Straps from iMo

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Ethan and I just invested in our first DSLR camera this summer in preparation for our trip to Africa, and I loved having the opportunity to accessorize it with a fashionable camera strap from iMo. This Hong Kong based company sells cotton tape, neoprene, jacquard, and leather camera straps that can be used for a variety of cameras, including mirrorless cameras and DSLR cameras. The most unique aspect of the company is the large variety of available camera strap designs offered at affordable prices. Far from the boring logo-imprinted black and brown nylon straps that accompany most camera purchases, these straps are colorful, bold, fun, and unique. Interested in a new camera strap that fits your personality? Read on for our review of our iMO camera strap that was field-tested on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, in the back of a Land Cruiser traversing the rough dirt roads of the Serengeti, Read the Rest…