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10 Places to Experience the World of Salvador Dalí in Costa Brava Spain

Salvador Dalí in Costa Brava Spain

Most fans of Salvador Dalí are familiar with the fact that the surrealist artist was born in the Costa Brava region of Catalonia Spain, but not everyone knows that this region is the best place to experience the inspirational world of Dalí. The Costa Brava region of Catalonia is situated in the northeast corner of Spain and is best known for its sunny beaches, all-inclusive resorts, rugged landscapes, hiking and biking trails, fine dining, and for being the birthplace of Salvador Dalí. It is in this area of Spain that Dalí drew inspiration for many of his surrealist works and it is here that fans of his work can best get a sense of the artist’s life and actually visit the places that inspired him. The three most famous places which form the so-called Dalian Triangle are the much-visited Dalí Theatre-Museum in Dalí’s hometown of Figueres, his adulthood home in Portlligat, Read the Rest…