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PortaPocket: Versatile Travel Accessories for Storage & Safety

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If you are ever find yourself digging in your luggage or purse for your passport, credit cards, cell phone, or airline tickets, you may be in need of a few PortaPocket travel accessories. If you find yourself hiding money, credit cards, or tampons in your socks, bras, or shoes, you definitely need to check out PortaPocket! These nifty accessories are designed to store all your small personal belongings and keep them safe while you travel, exercise, dance, or just wander around a shopping mall. PortaPocket accessories are unique from other travel safety products in that they consist of several interchangeable pockets and straps so that you can place almost anything on any part of your body. So if you are looking to strap your passport to your waist, smartphone to your bicep, or your lipstick to your thigh, yeah you can make that happen! We were so excited to have Read the Rest…

Secret Sweater Cardigan: A Perfect Travel Accessory for Women who Layer their Clothing

Secret Sweater travel accessory for women travel gift travel sweater

The Secret Sweater cardigan may be the perfect travel accessory for women looking for a way to layer their clothing without the bulk. It is a lightweight but durable sweater that works well as a hidden middle layer of warmth or as a fashionable outer layer. While not created exclusively with travel in mind, the Secret Sweater cardigan can help keep you warm on your travels, whether it involves exploring ancient ruins, perusing air-conditioned museums, or sipping coffee at outdoor cafés. I was excited to try out the Secret Sweater cardigan over the past several weeks and I share my experiences below. I have found the Secret Sweater cardigan to have a number of uses and it has become a valuable addition to my wardrobe. Basic Information on the Secret Sweater Cardigan Website / Facebook / Twitter The Secret Sweater cardigan was created and designed by Katherine Noyes Arnemann who lives Read the Rest…

How to Use Airbnb to Save Money on Accommodations and Meet Locals

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Using Airbnb to book accommodations during your travels can not only help save you money, but it can also help you meet people and bring you closer to the local culture. While hotels and even hostels can offer more services than most Airbnb hosts, the chance to stay in someone’s house or apartment can lead to some wonderful conversations and experiences. We have found that it can also help us save a lot of money when compared to booking a hotel room in the same location. Sometimes it can even be cheaper than booking a hostel! While Airbnb is not for every traveler, we’ll provide a review of Airbnb that can help you decide if it is right for you. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of what is Airbnb, our personal experiences of using Airbnb (including how much we’ve paid for various accommodations), and provide a list of Read the Rest…