Grab N Go Band: Using your Cell Phone for Storage?

How often do you wish that you didn’t have to take your wallet or purse with you when leaving the house? If you’re like me, this happens quite a bit as I really don’t enjoy carrying a purse, but the problem for me is that I often need to take along my cell phone, IDs, and money. Enter Grab N Go Band rubber storage bands. These colorful bands fit around your mobile phone and allow you to store things like credit cards, IDs, cash, and business cards without the need for a wallet or purse. Best of all, the bands are designed to fit so that they do not interfere with the functioning of your phone, allowing you to call, text, or surf the Internet even with the Grab N Go Band storage bands in place. Ideal for traveling, hiking, exercising, or just running errands. Interested? Read on to hear more about Grab N Go Band, read about our experience testing out these bands for the past few weeks, and you even find out how you can test these bands yourself for free (first 25 readers get a free band just by entering!).

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

What exactly is Grab N Go Band?

The Grab N Go Band is a single piece of die-cut rubber that fits securely across the back of most smartphones, regardless of its case. The Grab N Go Band offers a great alternative to carrying both a phone and a wallet/purse. The band stretches easily over your phone and you can use it to store IDs, cash, credit cards, business cards, hotel keycards, and even a metal key while you  go out to eat, run, exercise, walk the dog, go to class, etc. etc. The bands are currently available in 10 different colors (e.g., Sunkissed Orange , Sizzling Pink, True Blue) and are manufactured in the United States.

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

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The Story Behind the Bands

The man behind Grab N Go Band, Danny Wilk, actually has a long history of involvement with the humble rubber band. About 20 years ago,  Danny patented a rubber band ball called the Bandy Ball (sold at a number of office supply stores), and since has come up with a number of practical ways to use the rubber band. On asking him about the Grab N Go Band he told me: “I came up with the idea for the Grab N Go Band after realizing there had to be a better way for me to carry my wallet and phone to the health club and when I am running out to do a quick errand. That’s when I began trying different ways of using a rubber band to secure my phone and ID, credit cards, and cash.” After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Grab N Go Band was born!


Currently, it costs $5.00 per pack of 5 bands. Payments are made over a secure website using Paypal. They can be purchased on the Grab N Go Band website.

Our Experience with Grab N Go Band?

After receiving these bands in the mail, we kind of laughed at the included instruction postcard. I mean how hard can it be to stretch a glorified rubber band across one’s phone? OK, so it isn’t hard at all but we did end up consulting the postcard after about a minute. Luckily, neither of us went into the field of engineering. But you simply place one of the loops on a top corner of your phone and stretch to the opposite corner with the storage part along the back of your phone. You can then center and adjust the band as needed. For reference, Ethan has a Samsung Galaxy 4 smartphone with a thin case and I have a Motorola Photon smartphone with a thick case.

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

front of our smartphones

front of our smartphones

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

back of our smartphones

Ethan and I have both been using a Grab N Go Band storage band on our smartphones for the past 2 weeks. To carry items, you just need to slide them under the widest part of the band and make sure it is snug. We’ve carried business cards, ID cards, debit and credit cards, and cash using the bands without any problems. We experimented briefly with a key but felt that heavier objects might not be the best as they are more likely to fall out and we couldn’t risk losing the only key to one of our cars. Ethan normally carries his in his pocket and I’ve carried mine alone or in my purse or backpack. I find the bands helpful even when carrying a purse or backpack as it keeps a few essential items easy to locate (e.g, credit card, ticket, cash).

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

As far as affecting the functionality of our phones, it had almost no affect on our ability to use them at all. We were still able to use our phones to call, text, take photos, and go online. The only thing it interfered with was the kickstand on the back of my phone although I rarely use this feature so that was not a concern for me. The great thing about the Grab N Go Band is that you can use whichever diagonal corners of the phone you want and you can adjust the back storage area. Now if you happen to have something in the middle of the back of your phone that you use, these bands will probably not work for you.

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

Now, one issue I had with the bands was the rubber smell. It smells like, well….a rubber band. Ethan doesn’t mind this smell but I did not enjoy my hands smelling this way. I actually took my Grab N Go Band and soaked it in water and scented cleanser which helped minimize the smell quite a bit; however, it also partially removed the Grab N Go Band logo on the back. But now I have no problem with the smell so this might be a good solution for anyone who shares my dislike of the smell of rubber bands. The smell does naturally dissipate on its own after some use as well.

A Few Words of Caution:

  • The Grab N Go Band is meant for use for larger smartphones and won’t work with flipphones or some smaller phones. Be sure to test it out before trying it outside your house.
  • Don’t go crazy and slide the entire contents of your wallet or purse under the Grab N Go Band. This is a sure recipe to lose your things. Be selective and make sure everything fits snugly.
  • While the band fits securely and isn’t just going to snap off on its own, you have to be careful when pulling it in and out of your pocket or other snug spot as the rubbing could cause the band to come off. If this is an issue you might try using the Grab N Go Band in combination with a PortaPocket to store your phone, which may add some ease and security but still keep everything hands-free.
  • Like a regular rubber band, it will eventually loose its elasticity in time and will need to be replaced. So it is good that these come in packs of 5.

Overall Review

The Grab N Go Band is a simple, inexpensive product that allows one to easily store some essentials using their smartphone. Given how many of us carry our cell phones practically everywhere we go, this is a practical and timely product. The bands are easy to use and are generally quite effective without affecting the operation of the phone itself. We also love the rainbow of available colors (e.g., Sunkissed Orange, Pink Sizzle, Lime Green), which makes it easy to find your favorite color or the color of your local sports team (Ethan is a L.A. Dodgers lover so loved the True Blue color). In addition to just using it alone with my smartphone, I have also found the bands useful to keep some essential things handy (e.g,, ticket or cash) even when I am carrying my phone in my purse or backpack. Now, given the importance of the contents that can be stored with these bands, you should use some caution by not overloading it, making sure the band is snug, and testing it before leaving your house. The Grab N Go Band can be a great product for travel, exercising, running errands, and numerous other occasions when you don’t want to take a wallet or purse. But you don’t have to take our word for it, keep reading for your chance to try it out for free!

The Giveaway: Your Chance to Try out Grab N Go Band

In addition to the 50% discount code mentioned earlier, Danny at Grab N Go Band has graciously offered to give away 25 FREE Grab N Go Band storage bands in assorted colors to Independent Travel Cats readers! To get the band, all you have to do is fill out your name and mailing address and he will then mail you a free band. There is no drawing (first  readers to enter instantly get a free band), no purchase necessary, and no obligation to purchase later. The free giveaway is open internationally with NO SHIPPING OR HANDLING FEES. Act fast and sign up today to get a free Grab N Go Band to try for yourself. Consider giveaway open until we mark it as over.

**UPDATE: Giveaway is now over. We had an amazing response of over 100 entries in only a few days! Even though Danny at Grab N Go Band had planned to only give our 25 bands, he has now graciously decided to send a free band to each household who applied. Expect delivery in early May. For those who missed the free band giveaway, the 50% off discount code will be valid until April 30th.**

For those who are excited to get a free Grab N Go Band, feel free to show some appreciation and love by leaving a comment, sharing the post, or following Grab N Go Band on social media. I know I am very appreciative of this great offer to our readers and for the owner’s personal support of our upcoming charity climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Grab N Go Band phone storage rubber bands travel blog review

my attempt at making a “G”

So what do you think about Grab N Go Band? When would you use one?


**Disclaimer: We were provided several free Grab N Go Band storage bands in order to review this product; however, this article contains only our own honest thoughts and opinions. We did not receive any financial compensation for the writing of this post, do not work for Grab N Go Band, and receive no commission for any sales of this product.**